Join the Cooperative as an Existing Business

First Aid Training Co-operative's centrally administered service allows trainers to be trainers, without the worry, and frankly, hassle of all the background paper work.

However, unlike other organisations, we allow you to grow your business as much as you like, work as often as you like, and continue to benefit from new clients you bring to the Co-operative through our commission payments system.

We still need to cover the needs of the first aid sector regulators but take the pressure off trainers by managing this for you.

The ethos of a co-operative is one of a mutually beneficial situation and that is what we need our Associate Members to subscribe to. In order to do that, we ask you to complete our induction process, and any training required, before signing up to our Member's Agreement.

We don't charge more than cost price for the induction and training process to make it as accessible as possible, and we'll invest a lot of time supporting you in return for your belief in the system.

As a co-operative, our ethos is one of working together for the shared benefit of all Members and Associate Members.  

At The Co-operative, we see these benefits as:

  • Increased Market Share – Become part of a national organisation, with national credibility, reputation, and marketing power
  • Co-operative Client Database – By sharing our client databases, we can generate more work through large scale marketing campaigns
  • Pooled Trainer Resources – As well as sharing the clients, we share the workload. No more disappointing clients because you are too busy, and, be able to offer different course types by using other Associates Members’ skills.
  • Pooled Equipment Resources – No need to invest in expensive specialist equipment. Where appropriate, The Co-operative will invest in what Associate Members decide is necessary, and make it available for Associate Members’ use.
  • Centralised Administration – The Co-operative have invested in powerful administration software and an office manager, to provide a centrally administered, and almost paper free, service. This means you can concentrate on training, and generating new clients.
  • Input into the Development of the Company – All Associate Members must attend 75% of The Co-operative meetings, either in person, or remotely. This ensures that The Co-operative is truly representative of its stakeholders.

And most importantly:

  • A Generous Daily Rate for Training – Plus expenses, paid promptly.
  • Continued Revenue From Member’s Clients – All existing, or new, clients added to the The Co-operative database are ‘tagged’ to that Member. This triggers a commission payment to the Member every time the Client pays for a course – regardless of which trainer runs the course.

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