First Aid Cooperative Trainer Day

First Aid Cooperative Trainer Day

First Aid Co-operative is proud of its record of keeping our trainers in up to date with training skills and first aid knowledge.

We run 2 training days each year for our training team which forms part of our commitment to CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Two thirds of our trainer team, plus our Directors Tom and Cory attended the CPD in Perth on November 16th.  

A wide variety of issues were covered, in particular –

  • Induction for teaching Sport First Aid courses – giving trainers additional knowledge and skills in running practical scenarios for a range of sports, up to date information RICE for injury management and a protocol for return to play/training pitch side decisions making.  
  • Review of AED demonstrations on courses. Since the new HSE rules came in recently the trainers reviewed the different approaches taken to teaching candidates how to use an AED.  
  • Review of asking assessment questions for on courses 
  • Assessment standardisation exercises so we know all the trainers are assessing candidate to the same level across all our courses.   
  • Head injuries and concussion assessment. Updates and discussions about concussion protocols and how they work (or don’t work) plus some practical training on spinal management and helmet removal. 
  • Updates on use of heamostatic dressings and tourniquets 

As ever, the benefit of running these events is more profound than the agenda suggests.  The opportunity to get together in person and discuss things is not to be underestimated. This is why we have a strong, professional and skilful trainer team. 

As part of the event we took the opportunity to have an early Christmas staff meal at the  Pig’halle Restaurant in Perth. Really good food and ambience, good to spend a bit of social time too. 

About The Author

Tom Durham

Tom has 10 years of experience as a first aid trainer / assessor and over 20 years experience of outdoor sports instruction and coaching internationally. Prior to becoming a founder of the First Aid Training Co-operative, Tom grew a successful business delivering predominantly outdoor / remote first aid courses across Scotland, using his experience to help others in the outdoor industry improve their skills. Tom is a graduate of the Rural Leadership Programme and also runs a mountain bike trail design consultancy. He continues to work internationally, dividing his time between Scotland and the Italian Alps.