4 Steps To Treat Sunburn

4 Steps to Treat Sunburn

When it comes to sunburn we know that prevention is better than a cure and that we should avoid becoming sunburnt in the first place, but accidents happen, and sometimes we do end up sporting the lobster look.  It can be tricky to identify whether you or someone with you is becoming burnt, especially in bright…

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5 Steps To Starting A First Aid Training Business

Start a First Aid Training Business

  Starting a First Aid Training Business can be a daunting thing to do, so to help you on your way and hopefully answer some of the questions we are often asked, here are 5 Steps To Starting A First Aid Training Business. 1. Get Qualified Become a first aid trainer, this should be fairly self…

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Cardiac Science main first aid conference sponsors

Cardiac Science main first aid conference sponsors Breaking NEWS!!! Cardiac Science have agreed to be the main first aid conference sponsors and will be coming along with demonstration AEDs to show the delegates. Find out more: http://www.cardiacscience.co.uk/ CARDIAC SCIENCE has once again agreed to be the First Aid Trainer Conference Sponsor. THANKS TO THEM. Once…

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The Dangers of Dehydration

Dangerous Dehydration

We are constantly told that dehydration is bad for you. Lack of concentration, fatigue and loss of physical performance are all effects that we are told about, usually by drinks companies, but is dehydration dangerous? A quick google reveals a lot of confusing information, not least due to myths around the weather, and the large…

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Teaching First Aid to New Instructors in Manchester

Teaching First Aid

We have just had a great week introducing others to teaching first aid at our First Aid Trainer Induction Week held at Manchester Climbing Centre. The week is designed to give new trainers the skills and qualifications to start teaching and assessing first aid training. Assessment skills and techniques are demonstrated and adapted for a…

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Signs of Sunstroke and How to Treat It


Heat Exhaustion – commonly known in the UK as Sunstroke (as it happens more in hot weather!) is caused by dehydration. It can leave the casualty feeling very weak and unwell, they may be sweaty or clammy, and feel like they want to lie down.  Crucially they won’t have a particularly high temperature and will…

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How Do I Remove A Stuck Ring?

Remove Stuck Ring

Have you ever had a stuck ring that will just not come off? Perhaps you have already tried water and washing up liquid, Vaseline and even elevating your arm above your head for a few minutes – and it still wont budge! Maybe you have injured or burnt the finger and need to get the…

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Terrible Ticks – Disease Carriers


What is a Tick? A tick is a small external parasite that lives off the blood of birds and mammals – including people. They live in the soil, but when they get the munchies they climb to to top of grass, bushes, hedges, plants etc. and attach themselves to the next available blood source that…

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10 Tips For Spotting Concussion


What Is Concussion? Normally associated with some sort of bang or blow to the head, a concussion indicates that the brain is being adversely affected from the impact. The patient does not have to have been knocked unconscious to suffer from concussion. Be in no doubt that because there is the chance of damage to…

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How do I choose a first aid training provider?

How to choose a first aider

Since 2013 the Health and Safety Executive has not approved first aid training providers, making it a little harder to know how to choose a first aid training provider. To help make a decision we have outlined below key factors you should consider. All first aid training providers will need to be able – and…

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What type of first aid training do nurseries and childcare providers need?

First Aid Training Nursery Staff

In an updated version of their guidance on The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. the Health and Safety Executive have produced some guidance on what type of first aid provision should be in place for nurseries and childcare providers.  Every employer or manager should carry out a first aid needs assessment for their business to…

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