British Camping First Aid Basics

We love the great outdoors. Imagine the situation. You’ve arrived at a beautiful, picturesque lake and have just set up camp. You sit to enjoy the view and listen to the tranquil bird song. It is during these idyllic moments that a minor lapse in concentration can strike. A simple trip or fall and an…

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5 Steps To Starting A First Aid Training Business

Start a First Aid Training Business

  Starting a First Aid Training Business can be a daunting thing to do, so to help you on your way and hopefully answer some of the questions we are often asked, here are 5 Steps To Starting A First Aid Training Business. 1. Get Qualified Become a first aid trainer, this should be fairly self…

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FAQs: Become a First Aid Instructor

Before you read this article, ask yourself two simple questions. Are you really enthusiastic about first aid? Do you have excellent communication skills? If you just excitedly shouted yes at your screen, you need to become a First Aid Instructor by following the tips below. As a first aid instructor, you’ll teach life saving skills…

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4 Essential First Aid Tips for Football

Do you play football? Or are you involved in related activities? If so, you need to learn basic Sports First Aid. From 5-a-side to Champions League, football is a national obsession and the world’s most popular team sport, with over 3.5 billion fans worldwide. As a contact support, injuries to players are common. In this…

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Employers: 4 Simple Steps to Choosing Your First Aid Training Provider

Are you an employer? If you are, you have a legal responsibility to provide first-aid equipment and facilities. Further, you must ensure that your employees can receive immediate medical attention if they are injured or ill at work. You must also perform ‘Due Diligence’ to ensure your first aid training provider is competent. Are you…

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How to Treat a Significantly Bleeding Injury

In this post, you’ll learn about CARE and how to bandage an injury that is bleeding significantly but does not have an impaled or embedded object in the wound. Transcription: Hi my name’s Tom from the First Aid Training Co-operative and in this video we’re going to show you how to bandage a casualty who is significantly…

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Starting A First Aid Training Business, Step 5 – Go Out And Teach People To Save Lives!

Teach People to Save Lives

In the last in this mini series, we’re taking a look at what happens next. By following our ‘Starting A First Aid Training Business’ series: You’ve got your qualifications, maybe done a bit of shadowing more experienced trainers in order to gain some first hand experience. You’ve gathered a basic set of training kit, and worked…

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Will I Be Sued For Doing First Aid?

Will I Get Sued If I Give First Aid Treatment To A Casualty? This is a question that we’ve been asked a lot recently, so we thought it was worth answering in depth to allay some fears. Before we start it is worth pointing out that this has not been written by a legal expert,…

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How To Perform CPR on a Drowning Casualty

Transcript: Hello this is Cory from the First Aid Training Co-operative and today we’ve got a video clip of how we would do CPR for an adult who we suspected had drowned. We’ve got a mannequin here which is used for demonstration purposes and I’m just going to run through a sequence of why we’re…

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How To Treat a Choking Adult

This video from the First Aid Training Co-operative shows you how to treat a conscious adult who you suspect is fully choking and unable to breath or cough. Transcription: Hi I’m Tom from the First Aid Training Co-operative and in this video we’re going to show you how to deal with an adult who may…

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Starting A First Aid Business, Step 4 – Don’t Forget The Business Plan

First Aid Business Plan

In this blog, part 4 of our mini-series 5 Steps To Starting A First Aid Business, we are going to consider in more detail some basic business planning and how that might relate to starting your first aid business. There are plenty of places where new start up businesses can access professional help and advice…

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